Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Breath Healthier with the Honeywell 18155

It is an undeniable fact that the air around us is not clean. There are so much pollen, dust, pollution, dirt, chemicals, and other toxins floating all around in our household air. You only have to examine your room air filter to see how dirty it is after just a few months use, which serves as an evidence of the quality of the air around us. Imagine that you take in all those harmful elements day in and day out. But don't despair, because now there is the Honeywell 18155, the best air purifier in the market today.

 The Honeywell 18155 is truly an amazing product, particularly since it is packed with a variety of wonderful features. One of its fantastic feature is that it employs a HEPA filter. This filter does not need to be changed routinely, as it can simply be cleaned. The yearly cleaning is also really easy to accomplish. Also, this filter is able to remove almost 100% of airborne elements, and it can serve big areas up to 225 square feet. This air purifier is therefore excellent for most houses, businesses, and other living spaces.

 The 18155 uses a fan with three speed levels, which works to clear away many of airborne particles that are more than undesirable. Those who suffer from allergies will be aware of an instantaneous effect with the usage of this purifier.

 The Honeywell 18155 also features numerous nice physical features. One of them is that it operates very calmly, so calm that it does not bother people around it. Additionally it is quite compact, so compact that it is very easy to move around, transport and store.

 In conclusion, the Honeywell 18155 is surely an incredible air purifier. Its ability is unmatched by any other unit available today, as it is able to get rid of particles in the air even as small as 0.3 microns. Gone are those unsafe viruses, bacteria, and germs from the air. This air purifier will certainly improve the quality of life of those who utilize it. With the Honeywell 18155 they will live a healthier life. Backed with a five year warranty, the Honeywell 18155 is surely an air purifier every home has to have.

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